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Category Books & Reference
Latest Version wp.wattpad 10.34.1
Size 165.7 MB
Requirements Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 100,000,000+
Package Name wp.wattpad
Content Rating 17
Interactive Elements Users Interact, Digital Purchases
Price Free,Offers In-App Purchases
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Introduction and Review

In the vast and ever-expanding universe of digital literature, Wattpad stands as a colossal entity. Wattpad - Read & Write Stories is not just another application; it’s a thriving community for writers and readers to come together, share their work, engage in constructive feedback, and even birth global literary phenomena.


At its core, Wattpad is an application designed to democratize storytelling. For authors, especially budding ones, traditional publishing methods can often be cumbersome, if not downright discouraging. Wattpad fills this void by offering a platform that removes these barriers and allows authors to share their stories with the world, and most importantly, receive direct feedback from their audience.


For readers, Wattpad offers a treasure trove of content. Whether you are looking for romance, science fiction, mystery, or a unique blend of genres, this application has it all. But beyond the diversity of genres, Wattpad’s charm lies in its authenticity. The stories here are raw, unfiltered, and many times they resonate more deeply because they aren’t polished by the stringent standards of traditional publishing.


Besides, a remarkable feature of Wattpad is the ability for anyone to become a writer. The app provides a platform for aspiring authors to showcase their work and receive feedback from a vibrant community of readers. This feature promotes creativity and allows writers to develop their skills through direct engagement with their audience. It’s also worth mentioning that many successful authors have started their careers on Wattpad, adding credibility to the platform.


Another aspect that makes Wattpad an interesting platform is its international reach. Stories are not bound by regional or cultural lines. This global perspective makes for an enriching reading experience as one can explore narratives from different parts of the world, written by authors with varied cultural backgrounds.


One of the most commendable achievements of Wattpad is its success stories. Several stories that started as mere scribbles on the platform have found their way to big-screen adaptations and bookshelves, all thanks to the visibility and support they received from the Wattpad community.


However, like any platform, Wattpad isn’t without its flaws. Given the sheer volume of content, the quality can be quite varied. While some stories are beautifully crafted masterpieces, others might be rough around the edges. Moreover, the application’s algorithm can sometimes be too focused on trending stories, causing many brilliant narratives to remain hidden in the shadows.


In terms of user experience, the application is intuitive with a minimal learning curve. Yet, occasional glitches and ad placements can sometimes mar the reading experience.


In conclusion, Wattpad - Read & Write Stories serves as an essential bridge between writers who are eager to share their tales and readers yearning for authentic stories. While it’s not perfect, its merits far outweigh its drawbacks, making it a must-have application for literature enthusiasts.



In its latest update version of 10.34.1 on October 19, 2023, the developers have not only fixed some of the latest errors and bugs, but also added Wattpad Originals, which subscribers can get monthly without spending money. According to the update history, the app has been updated basically 4 to 5 times every month to solve actual problems and adopt suggestions from users’ feedback as well as to optimize more new features and eliminate newly appeared bugs.



1. Wattpad boasts an intuitive design. The homepage showcases trending stories, recommendations based on reading habits, and the latest updates from followed authors. The search function allows users to find stories based on genre, popularity, or tags.

2. Beyond reading, users can vote on chapters, leave comments, and engage directly with authors. This interaction fosters a strong sense of community, making readers feel more connected to the stories and their creators.

3. For budding authors, Wattpad provides tools to draft, edit, and publish stories directly from the app. Plus, the cover creator tool assists in designing compelling covers to attract readers.

4. Wattpad organizes periodic contests, providing exposure to newer authors. They also have a ‘Paid Stories’ section where readers can support authors by purchasing their content.

5. For those on the move, Wattpad allows stories to be saved for offline reading, ensuring that literature is always just a tap away.

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