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Sweat Wallet

Description and Review

You might think Sweat Wallet is a financial management application at the first glance judging from the literal meaning of the app’s name. However, Sweat Wallet is actually a footsteps-counting app that encourages you to exercise more and earn cryptocurrency for a variety of users at the same time. Every step you walk counts. The more you walk, the more Sweat currency you will earn. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of it, you can stake part of them in Grow Jars as an investment so that you can get returns and rewards. Just like other methods of investment, the more you stake, the more you will earn and the better rewards you will be able to acquire. There are different levels of rewards and it all depends on the amount of currency you have invested in the Grow Jars. The specific items of rewards include coins called Stablecoins, Crypto prizes of all kinds of items, gift vouchers that can be used on shopping platforms like Amazon, Nike, and Adidas, tickets to events and concerts, and benefits for communities. Apart from the features mentioned above, the app has recently added additional features as well. For instance, users can log in to their account with one click and they can transfer their Sweat currency to others. Generally speaking, Sweat Wallet is a well-thought app developed to increase the fun of walking. Previous apps might also feature step counting functions, yet they fail to take advantage of those steps to do other things in order to encourage users to keep walking and form healthy habits. The accumulation of Sweat currency is the strongest motivation for users and it is really a smart way to promote exercise as well as encourage people to go shopping with vouchers. One stone kills two birds. The interaction between friends when using the transaction feature of the app also socializes users to some extent. It is also a good way to educate people on how to deal with Sweat currency so they would imitate this way when they deal with real money. In sum, Sweat Wallet encourages users to exercise more while adding more fun to the activities. The app is recommended to those who lack proper exercise in their daily life.



According to the update history of Sweat Wallet on the app store, the app has been updated on a weekly basis. The most recent update occurred on September 15th, 2022, with the launching of version 1.2. It was said that some issues from the previous version were fixed. Yet there were no details mentioned to explain what exactly the issues were. Previous updates were also put in this way. The earliest update record was on August 22nd, 2022. Version 0.2 was launched along with some bugs fixed and additional features explaining the function of tokens. Moreover, the reward features were improved as well.


1. Accumulate walking steps and turn them into cryptocurrency

2. Cryptocurrency to exchange for rewards

3. Put currency in Growth Jars to get more returns

4. Different levels of rewards are available depending on the amount of currency invested

5. Rewards of Stablecoins, Crypto prizes, and gift vouchers available

6. Log in to the account by one click

7. Vouchers used on shopping platforms like Amazon, Nike, and Adidas

8. All services free of charge

9. Currency transfer among friends available

10. Effective exercise encouraging method

11. Chance to interact and socialize with your friends

12. Turn the originally dull walking into a rather fun game

13. User-friendly interface

14. Educate users to manage their currency reasonably

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Additional Information

Category APP Finance
Latest Version com.sweatwallet 4.0
Requirements Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Package Name com.sweatwallet
Content Rating 4
Interactive Elements In-App Purchases
Price Free


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