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Category Productivity
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Size 309.6 MB
Requirements Android 7.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
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Content Rating 4
Interactive Elements Users Interact
Price Free
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Introduction and Review

Developed by Comcast and launched April 18, 2017, Xfinity is a versatile, one-stop Internet management application that enables users to control and manage their Internet connection and access a variety of information and multi-device content from one platform. Xfinity is available for all Comcast Xfinity customers and can be accessed through the Xfinity website or the Xfinity app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to its ease of use, robust features, and overall performance, tens of millions of users around the world view Xfinity as a very reliable and solid network assistant. So, if you’re struggling without a seamless service that manages your Internet connection in one stop, Xfinity has everything you need.

First and foremost, Xfinity offers a range of features designed to help users manage their Internet connection more efficiently. One of the key features is the ability to monitor Internet usage in real time, which enables users to track their data consumption and avoid overcharges. Xfinity also allows users to set data usage alerts and notifications, which can help them stay within their data limits and avoid additional charges.

In addition, one of Xfinity’s standout features is the ability to manage multiple Wi-Fi networks and connected devices from a single platform, including the ability to view connected devices, prioritize bandwidth, and set up guest Wi-Fi networks. This makes it easy and simple to perform complex actions that can only have been manipulated and modified by a professional technician. It’s worth mentioning that Xfinity also includes advanced security features such as automatic updates and malware protection to help keep devices and networks safe from online threats.

On a more personal level, Xfinity not only allows users to effortlessly check their current network usage and account information from their installed smart device, but also allows them to pay bills or upgrade services when they are about to run out of money, instead of having to travel all the way to the office to get service.

What’s more, Xfinity also offers a range of additional features and services, including home automation, home security and mobile phone plans. These services are designed to seamlessly connect with Xfinity Internet to provide users with a complete management solution.

Overall, Xfinity is a comprehensive Internet management application that provides users with a range of features designed to help them manage their Internet connection and solve and access to a wide range of web problems and information from a single platform. Whether you want to monitor your Internet usage or manage your or a family member’s Wi-Fi network, Xfinity has you covered. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, Xfinity is a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their Internet connection.



In its latest update version of on February 22, 2023, developers eliminated some bugs and tried to improve the app’s performance. According to the update history, the app has been updated basically 2 to 3 times monthly to solve actual problems and adopt suggestions from users’ feedback as well as to optimize more new features and eliminate newly appeared bugs.



1. Xfinity has carefully designed a series of features to help users get the most out of and manage their Internet connection, making the otherwise complex and out-of-reach network management and control one-stop and easy.

2. The app allows you to manage your home network, view your data usage, and set parental control settings for your children, in case of any network addiction.

3. It also provides a detailed list of your connected devices, so you can quickly identify and manage any potential Internet threats.

4. With Xfinity, you can also set up guest Wi-Fi networks and manage your Wi-Fi password from anywhere.

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