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With Google Maps, you can go wherever you want without worrying about getting lost. As one of the most popular navigation apps throughout the world, Google Maps play a rather paramount role in people’s daily life. No matter where you go and what you do, you always need to rely on the navigation app to find the right place. Google Maps has so far covered map statistics of more than 220 countries and regions with hundreds of millions of specific locations. The app boasts a variety of functional features like the display of real-time GPS navigation, traffic status, transport routes for walking, public transportation, self-driving, and self-riding. No matter whether you are in the mid of a trip or on your way to the interview, you will always be able to find the right address efficiently. If you are new to a place, use Google Maps to find out interesting spots to have fun. People who used to have a weak sense of direction and were afraid of getting lost outside no longer need to worry about that since now they got Google Maps. By simply inputting the keywords on the search bar, they will successfully find the exact address of the place they want to go and several transport routes will be recommended for them as well. With Google Maps as your trip’s companion, you can visit an even broader world on your own. What’s more, Google Maps provides accurate and updated information about transit so that you will not miss your appointments. If you are hesitating to try a restaurant, just check out the comments on the restaurant made by previous customers. Details of the restaurant including photos and prices of the dishes can also be viewed on Google Maps. You can also leave your own impression of the place that you have visited on the app. Even if you are outside and get no internet connection, Google Maps can continue to navigate based on its default packages of statistics. Authentic street views are also available, making you feel like you are visiting the place in person. Apart from outdoor navigation, indoor navigation is also accessible in places like shopping malls, airports, stadiums, etc. To sum up, Google Maps is a powerful navigation tool that has become an indispensable assistant when people go out.



Google Maps has been updated basically on a weekly basis according to its update history on the app store. During its latest update of version 6.35 on September 12th, 2022, some bugs were fixed after referring to users’ feedback and the user experience was improved in order to assist users to find new spots. The earliest date of update shown in the list of history is March 21st, 2022 when version 6.10 was successfully launched. However, no details of the updates were brought up in the records of updates.


1. Comprehensive statistics showing details of the routes, including the transport methods, schedules, real-time traffic status, etc.

2. Help newcomers to get familiar with a new place sooner, by providing all kinds of information varying from local restaurants, recent events, hotels, etc.

3. View previous customers’ comments with photos in case of making the wrong choice of place

4. Comment on places you have visited for others’ future reference

5. Check out menus of the restaurant in advance to reduce the time for making decisions

6. No internet connection is required for navigation due to the previously downloaded navigation packages

7. Authentic street view for you to check out a place beforehand 

8. Both indoor and outdoor navigation are available

9. All services free of charge

User-friendly interface

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