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Fire Emblem Heroes
Category Role playing
Latest Version com.nintendo.zaba 6.10.0
Size 107.3 MB
Requirements Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 5,000,000+
Package Name com.nintendo.zaba
Content Rating 12
Interactive Elements In-Game Purchases
Price Free, Offers In-App Purchases
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Introduction and Review

Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategy role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, one of the Fire Emblem series. Players will participate as summoners in the game, summoning heroes from various Fire Emblem series to form their own army. At the same time, the heroes and enemies in the game have a mutually restrained attribute relationship, and players can skillfully use this attribute to create unexpected effects.

Fire Emblem Heroes also attaches great importance to the development and collection of characters. Players can find all important characters from the first generation to the present here. In addition, players can also train these characters, learn new skills and equip powerful weapons, and the 5-star protagonist level cards also have their own exclusive weapons.

What’s more, the triangular restraint system is still used in the game, and players can attack the enemy according to the restraint relationship. It is also possible to draw the same characters when summoning heroes, but they will have different attributes and weapons. Meanwhile, players can choose to do the main quest, or they can choose to train heroes through training towers. There will also be special maps set up in the game, and there will be specific events in different seasons. At the same time, there are also arena duels in the Fire Emblem. In the arena, players fight for high scores, but the players’ heroes will not die.

To tell the truth, this is a pretty fun light strategy game, featuring grid-based fantasy combat - melee, archers, spells, and the like. If you’re a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, this is a fairly fun way to get your strategy fix on the go. Seriously I really love the game because the current build is very accessable for the F2P player, and there is plenty to keep me busy for a few minutes or a whole day. The visuals and sound are also excellent. Great difficulty options for relaxed or new players, all the way up to punishingly precise for the most experienced it seems. In addition, the gameplay of 

Fire Emblem Heroes is just fun enough and just deep enough, on top of having lots to do and conquer. Therefore, I recommend this game to anyone who wants to challenge a new type of game, and of course, if you have always been a big fan of Nintendo, this game must not be missed!



October 10, 2018: Launch limited card pool

Fire Emblem Heroes opens “The Bounty of the Land” in the Halloween event and launches a limited card pool.

August 14, 2018: Arena Update

Seasons starting at UTC will have the following changes: A new tier "Summoner King" has been added to the Arena. Among the players who are currently the highest rank Tier 20 Divine Ancestor Dragon, some of the strong players can be promoted to a new special rank.


1. In addition to the card-drawing elements, the main line battle and hero training of the mobile game basically retain the classic elements of the Fire Emblem series.

2. Classic 2D war chess gameplay, the war chess map is expanded in 8x6 squares.

3. A series of movement and attack commands can be completed by clicking and dragging with fingers, and can be fully operated with one hand.

4. In Arenas, Trial Towers and other places where experience is accumulated to improve the level, there will also be a special event instance zones to deepen the plot of the characters.

5. The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series.

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