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Bacon – The Game
Category Action
Latest Version de.kamibox.bacon 1.90
Size 154.6 MB
Requirements Android 4.1 and up
Downloads 5,000,000+
Package Name de.kamibox.bacon
Content Rating 12
Interactive Elements Users Interact
Price Free, Offers In-App Purchases
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Introduction and Review

This is an addictive casual game developed by Philipp Stollenmayer. The content of Bacon is very easy to understand, that is to bounce the bacon onto the object through the pan, and the level is cleared when the bacon can be firmly on the object.

In the game, bacon can be paired with any food or object. After successful operation, the bacon will become more delicious. The gameplay is a bit nonsensical, and it is definitely the favorite of food players. The list of items that throw bacon on is endless, and it often upsets your imagination. Of course, the specific gameplay of Bacon is still waiting for you to explore.

It’s relatively simple when you first start playing, but later levels are very difficult. Sometimes you may not succeed after many times, and sometimes you will even hit your head, which is a kind of frustration, but if you master the skills and strength of bacon, it is very easy to pass the level. Although some players hold this view that this game is a bit boring to play, the actual experience of the game is not so simple and boring. Instead, it has a strong sense of immersion. Coupled with soft bacon and funny level settings, it is more fun to play occasionally and can be used to kill time.

And from my personal experience, the operation of this game is almost not difficult, I just need to tap the phone screen, after successfully covering the given item with bacon, I won the game. It is particularly worth mentioning that the items in the game are very strange, but most of them are food, such as turkey, burgers, cocktails, etc., and even goddesses, etc., as long as they are things that I can imagine, It can all appear here.

The game is good overall, the details are relatively complete, but there are still some flaws. One is that the bacon is so soft that it cannot be measured by traditional physical behavior when bumped. The other is that various goal settings indirectly control the difficulty of the game. However, the difficulty setting is not in a step-by-step manner. It is randomly placed, and the whole is still mainly funny, but doing so will make players lose a certain degree of patience.



Aug 17, 2022: New updates

Bacon has received a new update on Aug 17, that is 10 new levels have been added! Download Bacon-The Game now for better service, and it will be more fun and wonderful than ever.

Jun 9, 2022: Have a chance to get little gift

As long as you clear all the levels, you have a chance to get a real little gift, and it will be sent to your home.

February 23, 2022: Add more levels.

The game adds more than 25 levels and supports dark mode. And your craving for more bacon treats can be found here.


1. Simple and easy-to-use game operation, bring you a new decompression experience.

2. A variety of game levels, each level will be a new challenge.

3. A challenging ranking system, players will be able to ask their friends to challenge together and get high scores.

4. Bacon can be paired with any bizarre item and successfully photographed.

5. The design of the style is relatively simple, but the game occasionally has some real pictures.

6. The design of the details of the game is also great, and some unique operations will appear to enhance the freshness.

7. The overall playability of the game is very high.

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