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Apex Legends Mobile
Category Action
Latest Version Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Requirements Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Package Name
Content Rating 12+
Interactive Elements Users Interact, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
Price Free, Offers In-App Purchases
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Game Introduction

Apex Legends Mobile, a large-scale strategic battle royale mobile shooting game offered by ELECTRONIC ARTS and set in the Apex Legends universe, has been strongly sought after and loved by loyal shooting game players around the world since its launch. Highly refined and optimized the core gameplay of the main game, Apex Legends on the PC, Apex Legends Mobile still requires players to team up with up to two players to strategically battle the rest of the team on a battlefield with picked-up supplies and weapons but with a shrinking survival range and to be the only surviving champion team, eventually becoming legends in Apex.

If you’ve been craving a strategic shooter in the battle royale genre, then there’s no better option for you than Apex Legends Mobile here.

First of all, in terms of gameplay, Apex Legends Mobile perfectly inherits the core concept of its main game, that is, players choose legends with unique skills and characteristics to form a 3-player team, and then after being parachuted into the map containing various pick-up weapons and supplies, they make fast-paced tactical judgments and attacks on the rest of the competing teams based on their unique skills, and finally become the winning team that survives until the last minute. As you can see here, different from other games that only pursue a tedious shooting experience, Apex Legends Mobile greatly enriches the gameplay experience from the in-team cooperation between players, strategic deployment to the mastery of each other’s avatar skills as well as the degree of adaptability of firearms, making itself more playable.

Despite the main game’s gameplay, characters and weapons being the main sources of inspiration, Apex Legends Mobile is still a standalone battle royale game in terms of graphics, controls and modes. Although mobile devices are objectively less convenient than computers in terms of control and graphics, Apex Legends Mobile still gives players a superb gaming experience on their mobile devices. Instead of using a keyboard or mouse, which used to be a must-have device for games, players can now conveniently dominate the battlefield with the easy touch of their mobile screen whenever and wherever, simply by placing the layout of keys including aiming, moving, firing, picking up and so on. Not only that, but while the in-game characters and scenes aren’t as detailed as the main game portrays, the quality of the graphics and the dynamic framerate is high enough to keep the player fully immersed in an exciting competition and engaging graphics.


Game Features

1. Apex Legends Mobile not only designs unique mobile content and game modes, but also adds new maps, gameplay, activities and other content to give mobile players an always refreshing game experience.

2. Apex Legends Mobile adopts a futuristic art style and its dynamic graphics of dozens of players shooting together on a battlefield are smooth and delicate, allowing players to immerse themselves in the intense and exciting battle.

3. Apex Legends Mobile is player-friendly to either those who have played the main game before or those who have never played a shooter game, as it asks the player if they have experience with the game after the first download, and then starts their tutorials and auxiliary features based on the player’s different answers.


Game Review

In terms of practical gaming experience, Apex Legends Mobile is based on the PC version of the battle royale game: Apex Legends, which perfectly inherits the PC version of the game settings including the three-person team, the ability to resurrect and sound effects, classic maps, legends and so on, and still retains a high image quality and game fluency to a great extent. In the integration of strategy, tactics, first-person shooting, third-person perspective and other gameplay, the game also offers a rich variety of gun types such as submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns. A series of beloved legends and exclusive characters are also added to create a unique game style.

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