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Among Us
Category Casual
Latest Version com.innersloth.spacemafia 2022.10.25
Size 536.9 MB
Requirements Android 6.0 and up
Downloads 500,000,000+
Package Name com.innersloth.spacemafia
Content Rating 9+
Interactive Elements Users Interact, Digital Purchases
Price free
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Game Introduction

Developed and published by Innersloth, Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game released on June 15, 2018. The game is space-themed, in which each player takes on the role of one of two camps, the Crewmates and the Impostors. The crewmate lineup is tasked with finding and voting out all the impostors throughout the game, while the impostors look for opportunities to create chaos, divide and kill the crewmates. Despite their different roles and missions, both sides still share the same goal, which is to survive the battle of wits on the ship.

Specifically, Among Us supports 4 to 15 unknown players randomly matched or teamed up with friends to play together. At the beginning of the game, one to three players are randomly selected to take on the role of the impostors, whose goal is to secretly sabotage the ship and kill the crew before they can complete all their missions. While the crewmates’ goal is to identify and eliminate suspicious impostors and complete all missions aboard the ship. If any crew member finds the body of a companion who has been assassinated by the impostors while both sides are completing their missions, he can immediately report it and force all players to attend a group meeting to vote for the suspected impostors. Voting is based on a plurality system, and the player with the highest number of votes instantly dies and becomes a ghost. Players can also call a meeting at any time by pressing the Emergency Meeting button on the map. In addition, the conditions for victory for both camps are straightforward. If all the impostors are eliminated or all the missions are completed so that the ship can sail smoothly, the crew wins. If the number of the impostor and the remaining surviving crewmates is equal, or if the crew does not fix the serious damage caused by the impostor within the specified time, the impostor wins.


Game Features

1. Among Us’ controls and gameplay are extremely simple, making it easy to pick up and become addicted and pick-up.

2. Among Us is also a social game that allows players to play with strangers from all over the world in a random match, making the game fully social.

3. Among Us tests players’ observation skills and trust in each other, and in the process of playing players’ logical thinking and reasoning skills can also be exercised to a large extent.

4. The core concept of the game is straightforward and there is no violent or bloody scenes throughout the game, which is perfect for players of all ages to relax.

5. Among Us also supports players using different devices to match together for cross-platform play.


Game Review

As a game with similar gameplay to Werewolf Killing, Among Us is set in a spaceship, which greatly enriches the original single element of deduction and adds tasks such as repairing the ship and assassination to make the game tightly paced and highly playable.

First of all, the game graphics of Among Us adopts a minimalist flash style without overly decorative and redundant elements design. All the players’ character outlines and appearances are designed as different colors of cartoon spaceman, so that players can not be distracted by unnecessary elements but focus on the gameplay itself.

Secondly, the rhythm of the game is very compact, no matter which side you are in, you need to complete your task within the prescribed time and rack your brains to accurately judge whether the companion is a friend or enemy or deliberately hide your identity and plant the suspicion on the good guys, which is a test of the player's ability to resist pressure and reasoning ability.

In addition, players are also able to customize their character’s image, such as skin color, hat style, etc., to enrich their game experience.

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