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7 Days to End with You
Category Adventure
Latest Version com.Lizardry.Youllbedeadin7days 1.1.06
Size 98.8 MB
Requirements Android 9 and up
Downloads 10,000+
Package Name com.Lizardry.Youllbedeadin7days
Content Rating 17+
Interactive Elements Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
Price Free, Offers In-App Purchases
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Game Introduction

Created by independent developer Lizardry and released in 2022, 7 Days to End with You is a puzzle-solving adventure game that has been loved and sought after by people all over the world who are interested in puzzle-solving word games since its launch.

Different from common puzzle games, 7 Days to End with You adopts an innovative novel style of play. From the beginning to the end, the language of the dialogue or subtitles or signs in the game is not derived from any language in human society. This means that all the plots and dialogues need to be deciphered and built up in the player’s mind by guessing and relying on this unknown language. If You’re an avid puzzle-solving enthusiast with a passion for both deducting and guessing, then you will find all you need in 7 Days to End with You. And even if you are not, never assume the game is too hard for you to play. In fact, through a variety of methods, including touching different things, playing various mini-games and talking with the protagonist, the player can gradually guess the meaning of words, phrases and even a series of sentences from point to point. As you can see here, as you uncover the full truth of the story step by step, the sense of accomplishment that the game has been completely conquered and completed by you will come to you.

As a game that follows the arc of a novel, every word, every dialogue, and even the entire plot between you and the main character is carried on in the sense that you understand it to be. There is no right or wrong, your understanding of the story is the idea that the story wants to express, so the game is set up to give the player full control. However, it is worth noting that the player’s different interpretations and choices of plot development can also lead to different endings.

More importantly, in order to keep you from getting bored and impatient with it, 7 Days to End with You provides with every player with a storyline that only has seven days to speculate and unfold, and each round of levels can be completed in a maximum of five minutes.


Game Features

1. 7 Days to End with You features an interactive puzzle adventure that gives the player enough space to reason and guess, fully exercising the player’s understanding and deduction skills.

2. 7 Days to End with You is a new style of puzzle game that allows the player to guess the meaning of unknown words to advance the development and arc of the story, adding mystery and unknowability to their game experience.

3. 7 Days to End with You adopts the pixelated minimalist art style in order to prevent the player from being distracted by other unnecessary elements so that focus on the process of guessing and inferring the story.


Game Review

In terms of the actual game experience, 7 Days to End with You, a short story-based puzzle adventure text game, gives the player full dominance and control over what happens. At the beginning of the game, the player may have no idea how to understand and decipher the game’s story, but with the clues the game provides and the way the language is deciphered, the player will gradually understand the story and even a small decision will be enough to determine the course of the plot. By actively interacting with the objects around them and actively talking to the protagonist, it is easy for the player to infer the meanings of various words and sentences. All in all, 7 Days to End with You, the game’s creative and challenging setting and step-by-step solving of specific puzzles keep players hooked and addicted.

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